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WordPress Plugin

VidCheck Plugin for WordPress#

VidCheck's WordPress plugin is for organizations that are running their websites on WordPress and would like the features of VidCheck within the same instance. While the core features of the plugin are same as the standalone version, there are a few features that are not supported through the WordPress plugin. A detailed document will be published at a later time highlighting the difference in features between the WordPress plugin and the self-hosted version of VidCheck.

Should you choose the WordPress Plugin?#

VidCheck's WordPress plugin might be a good option if you:

  • Are on WordPress and prefer to have all the functionalities of VidCheck in the same instance.
  • Are not bothered by some of the stand-alone features that are not available in the plugin.
  • Do not want host the content on a third-party managed service and do not have resources to deploy and manage a self-hosted version.

What other options do you have?#

Like most of our other projects, we have a managed hosting service for VidCheck. It is the simplest way to get started with VidCheck and you don't have to worry about maintainence and upgrades going forward. You can read more about our managed hosting here.

VidCheck is an open source project with a very permissive MIT License like most of our other projects. All the features available in the managed service are available for free in the open source version as well. You can read more about the open source version here.