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Should I read through this chapter?#

Hell yeah! Everyone should read this chapter, because this is all about how awesome we are!!

On a serious note, we will try to keep this chapter as generic as possible so both technical and functional readers can get an overview of all the open source suite of projects from Factly.

You should also read the chapter if you are interested to learn the architecture of VidCheck and the roadmap for the project. If you are in a rush and not interested in anything else but VidCheck, you should at least check the architecture section before moving along to the next chapter.

What is all the fuss about?#

In this chapter, you learn about the following:

  • All the open source projects from Factly and how they fit into larger scheme of our Journalism Technology
  • Overview of Factly's overall philosophy and Tech philosophy
  • Quick overview of VidCheck's architecture
  • Roadmap of VidCheck in particular and also other relevant projects
  • Information on how you can get involved in any of the projects that you are interested to contribute or explore further