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We think chat and forum discussions are highly complementary, happily co-existing as two different modes of conversation. Try use the right tool for the job; but most importantly we just love to hear from you, regardless of the medium!

Forum Discussions#

Our preferred method of communication is the forum on GitHub Discussions. Asynchronous long-form discussion enables our increasingly distributed team and community to communicate across multiple timezones with minimal repetition.

Your project announcements, feature proposals, support queries and sweet, sweet praise all belong in the forum. This is a great place for in-depth discussions and lots of code examples, logs and similar data.


Prefer the speed and fluidity of chat? Then join our Slack community. You can also join our community hangout, if you want to speak to the Factly team directly or ask some questions.

We have dedicated Slack channels for each of our projects at Factly Labs, so please make sure to start the discussions in the relevant channel for a quick response.

Report Issues#

Bug reports should be added as issues in our GitHub repository. Please try to keep the issues as descriptive as possible to avoid any back and forth in understanding or replicating the issue.

Social Media#

Follow us on twitter to receive regular updates about work at Factly Tech Lab and the other open source projects we support.

Any suggestion or feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you for your support!